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Korean Herbal Face Bar Set

Korean Herbal Face Bar Set

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Add a bit of Korean herbal charm to your skincare routine with this Face Bar Set! Pamper yourself with this lovely gift set of three different scented bars, featuring natural herbs and other ingredients to keep your skin healthy and glowy. So beau-tea-ful!

  • Korean herbal face bars.
  • handcrafted in small batches
  • palm-free, vegan and cruelty-free
  • no artificial fragrances or colourants
Key ingredients
  • ginseng: helps reduce wrinkles and signs of aging and promotes elasticity and collagen production
  • silk amino acids: used to support the skin's strength, helping to improve the moisture content and protect from damage
  • mugwort extract: mugwort (known as such 쑥) has been a part of korean culture since basically the beginning of time; its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, mugwort targets dry, irritated skin effectively
  • niacinamide (vitamin B3): helps even out skin tone and discolorations from sun damage and improves textured skin
  • heartleaf (houttuynia cordata): known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties, making it the ideal ingredient for troubled, irritated
  • skin tea tree oil: contains key compounds that reduce the bacteria on the skin's surface that contribute to acne production
Made in Canada


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